American Horror Story: Hotel

Hotel came to an end last night, another season finished. I loved this finale episode because it brought together all the characters and they were all like a little family. So much stuff happened this season and I felt like it ended on a happy note. The scene in which Liz told everyone that it’s time for her to die was the saddest moment for me. The music just added to it as well. It was a good song. 302666BC00000578-3398760-image-a-39_1452751685841

I think my favourite character this season is definitely Evan Peters’ character, James March. He was just amazing and it was fantastic to watch even if he wasn’t in it all that much. I’m really pleased Lady Gaga was a part of the season now. I was very wary of her being in it when she was first cast but she was great and so was Wes Bentley and all the new cast members. To be honest, as much as I loved Jessica Lange being in the show I didn’t really miss her al that much. The first couple of episodes I did but as it got into it I completely forgot about her being in it previously. recaps-ahs-hotel

I really enjoyed this season to start off with but then somewhere in the middle I got a bit bored and I wasn’t enjoying it as much but I loved the finale. I still think though that Murder House and Asylum are the best seasons of this show and I’m starting to doubt that they’ll ever be able to make a season as good as those two again. Now it’s time for the long wait until season six. It was such a crazy season and it’s sad that it’s come to an end.

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