X-Men: First Class

In 1962, Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) meets Eric Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) and they become good friends. This is where their story starts. They work together with a team of mutants including Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) as they’re all on the same side until something happens that tears them apart. Also starring Nicholas Hoult, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Lucas Till, Zoe Kravitz and Kevin Bacon. The film is a prequel to the first 3 X-Men films.4814_1

I love this film more than the originals. I much prefer the journey the characters are on and I love the relationships between them even though I know they don’t last. It just shows how they all came together and it’s nice to explore that dynamic. This feels like a very different film to the first 3 which is a good thing. It separates them. jennifer-lawrence-nicholas-hoult-x-men-first-class-image.jpg

The film also deals with the characters dealing with their mutations and coming to accept them which is a long road but they eventually do. I feel this film, especially when it came out was and is very fresh and exciting. This film’s story and the narratives were something new and something great.x-men-first-class-1024

I love the cast more than the first 3 films as well. James McAvoy starred in Shameless the TV show and I watched that growing up, he’s just a great actor. Also Nicholas Hoult starred in Skins which I also watched growing up so I started liking these actors a while ago. Jennifer Lawrence well it’s Jennifer Lawrence, she’s amazing. It was a new dynamic for the X-Men franchise and it paid off.


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