Living in a world where people aren’t treated as equals, Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and his team of X-Men must fight in order to protect themselves from those who can’t accept them. Whilst Xavier fights for humans and mutants to co-exist, Magneto (Ian McKellen) fights to prevent that. Also starring Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, James Marsden, Famke Janssen and Anna Paquin.4910185-7378240294-the-x.jpg

The first X-Men I watched was First Class and I loved it so I went back to the old ones and started watching them and I really liked them. It’s different than I imagined it to be but that’s not a bad thing. I think this film is great, they set up each of the characters really well. However, the relationship between Jane and Logan was a bit far fetched for me. It happened straight away and I didn’t really find it believable. It was more believable in the second film, though. X-Men-2000-Rebecca-Romijn-Ian-McKellen-Mystique-Magneto.png

I think the cast is great however, I don’t really like James Marsden in it. I think it’s the character, though. I think the character is pointless and annoying. I really don’t like Mystique in the earlier films either but I think that’s down to the actress. I find there’s nothing about the character what so ever. I think she’s too silent as well. She’s more likable in the newer films because there’s more depth to the character. X-Men-2000-Rebecca-Romijn-Ian-McKellen-Mystique-Magneto.png

I do love this franchise and the older films are definitely worth watching but the newer ones are a lot more exciting, especially with some of the battle scenes.


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