Arrow: Season 4 Episode 9


Oh, my god, this episode was just so tense all the way through. It was so good and a brilliant way to end the first half of the season. I am gutted we have to wait a month for it to return considering how it ended. Felicity is dead! Or so we are made to believe. The end of this episode was so cute when Oliver finally proposed to her but then as they’re driving away they’re ambushed and Felicity is in a bad way. The promo for the next episode doesn’t look hopeful so I’m assuming Felicity will die and that’s the grave we see Oliver at. I always assumed it would be Felicity in that grave, but it still might not be.Oliver

We’ll have to wait until January to find out the truth. It would be a really brave move to kill her off and I don’t want her to die, but I hate it when characters die and then come back to life, there’s just no shock factor anymore. TV shows are very cowardice nowadays. It’s like with The Walking Dead, I do like Glenn, but I couldn’t help be a little disappointed when we found out he was actually alive. I think TV shows need to be more daring to shock viewers.Oliver-and-Felicity

I kind of don’t want Felicity to be dead because I love the character and I can’t imagine the show without her but then I’m like if she is dead then there’s going to be more drama and the show would get really interesting I think. I think the path Oliver goes down if she is dead will make exciting TV.Felicity

Damien Darhk is definitely someone not to be messed with. He’s a really good villain in my opinion and I’m looking forward to seeing how much worse he will become. This season is really exciting and they’re doing a good job in not making the show get boring.

DarhkI think this is one of the best episodes of Arrow, there was just so much drama and action from start to finish. It was really fast paced and exciting. It was a very bold and dramatic way to end for Christmas.


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