American Horror Story: Season 5 Episode 8


The 10 commandments killer is finally revealed and it’s Wes Bentley’s character John Lowe. He’s finishing the work of James Patrick March. Obviously I’m not in shock about this news because many people figured it out a while ago. It’s been a bit predictable to be honest. John has been going to the hotel for the past five years. The reason Holden was kidnapped was to send John over the edge in hopes he would go on a murder spree which worked. What we don’t really know is why he forgets who he is. 02AHS-master675-v2

Now that we know for definite he’s the 10 commandments killer I’m hoping there’s going to be more drama and other storylines are going to be readdressed. Like the vampire children at the school who got out. Where are they now? Have they killed their parents? There’s still a lot to be addressed so I’m looking forward to future episodes now.

I don’t really have a favourite character this season. I started off liking John but I slowly went off him. I do really like March though but that’s probably because I love the actor.



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