The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 8


The opening sequence and the end sequence to this episode were beautiful. It’s not my favourite episode, but parts of it were really entertaining. I hate how it ended though just because I’m dying to see what happens next and we have to wait until February next year.vihizvun9giv4otmi8uv

Loads of walkers managed to get into Alexandria after that building toppling over last week and destroying the wall. All the survivors had to take cover. Maggie at the beginning was the most intense part of the episode when she was trying to escape the walkers. It was so believable and really got me scared for her, but I knew she’d be safe.ktz8u8a9kmgye04bbjut

The whole episode took place in Alexandria so we didn’t see Daryl or the others who are away from Alexandria. I’m a bit annoyed that we didn’t get to see Daryl. I feel like he’s one of the best characters and he’s taken for granted a little bit. I also feel like there are too many characters now and I would like to see everyone back together again at some point.


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