The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 7



In the opening moments of this episode, we discover that Glenn is alive and it was indeed the body on top of him that was being ripped apart and Glenn managed to crawl under a dumpster and survive. I can’t say I’m surprised or shocked, I would have been shocked if he had indeed died. I am pleased that he’s alive, but I’m just a bit annoyed because I feel like we’ve been strung along so much this season, there needs to be a change in pace and I’m hoping that happens next week with the mid-season finale.

I’m very worried for Carl because he and Rick have been teaching Ron how to shoot and defend himself not knowing what he’s actually up to. Ron wants to get revenge on Rick and, therefore, steals bullets from the armory and pulls a gun on Carl when he’s not looking. Nothing has happened yet but next week is going to be dangerous for Carl. I don’t think anything thing is going to happen to Carl, I think they will realise what he’s doing before it’s too late.

I’m so excited for the mid-season finale next week as at the end of this episode the walls came down which means all the walkers are going to get in now. This is going to be an action-packed episode as they will all have a massive fight on their hands. I’m so happy this is happening because I’m bored of them being all safe at Alexandria now. Also at the end of the episode Maggie saw the balloons that Glenn released as a signal of his survival so at least she knows that he’s alive now.


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