American Horror Story: Season 5 Episode 7


We learn a lot about the Countess (Lady Gaga) in this episode. I honestly forget who the actress is, I completely forget that it’s actually Lady Gaga. I think she’s doing a really good job in acting. Anyway back to what we’ve learnt about the Countess, in 1925 she is trying to become an actress in Hollywood where she meets Valentino and enters into a three-way relationship (throuple) with him and his wife. I was so shocked to discover who portrayed his wife as it is Alexandra Daddario who stars in the Percy Jackson films, True Detective and recently San Andreas. When Valentino dies the Countess resorts to throwing herself off the Cortez hotel until the owner decides to marry her, so it’s now confirmed that the Countess and March are married.American-Horror-Story-Hotel-Chutes-and-Ladders.jpgFinn Whittrock was used for two roles this season as he was killed off in last week’s episode and then he returned to portray Valentino in this episode. I can see why this may confuse or annoy some people but to be fair it would have been a waste to not bring him back. I think since Freak Show a lot of people have warmed to him.Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 13.10.22.png

I think this was a really special episode. Not a lot happened but what did happen was simplistic and I think it’s set the series up for more excitement in future episodes. I really think this was a beautiful episode in the style of which it was shot. What I love about this show is how unique it is in it’s shooting style, it makes it special. There’s really no other TV shows that do anything like this, we see it in the older Hollywood era but nothing on the small screen. It’s just fantastic to watch.


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