American Horror Story: Season 5 Episode 6


Season one’s murder house returned this episode right at the beginning because the Countess went there to have an abortion. However, the abortion failed and the baby is alive. The baby attacked the doctor that got it out because the baby is a vampire. At the end of the episode, they finally reveal the baby’s face and it’s something that I won’t be able to unsee or describe. It reminded me of the face of the clown in Freak Show when he finally took the mask off.AMERICAN HORROR STORY -- "Room 33" Episode 506 (Airs Wednesday, November 11, 10:00 pm/ep) Pictured: Chloe Sevigny as Alex Lowe. CR: Ray Mickshaw/FXAlex is trying her best to convince John that he is losing his mind. I feel really bad for him because he’s just stuck in all this craziness and he’s so blind to see what’s actually going on. I also feel really bad for Liz because she loves Triston and at the end of the episode the Countess killed him because she doesn’t like sharing, she wanted to keep Liz to herself.Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 13.56.09Evan peters had a small scene in this episode. I really want to see more of him, his character is really interesting, but I think the reason he’s not in it much is probably because he’s in a lot of films and he has the next X-Men film which I’m sure will be keeping him busy. 


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