Easy A

When teenager Olive (Emma Stone) tells a lie about losing her virginity, it spreads round the school like wildfire. However, she decides to use her newfound status at the school to help people out and give them boosts in their lives. Also starring Amanda Bynes, Penn Dayton Badgley, Aly Michalka, Lisa Kudrow, Stanley Tucci, Cam Gigandet, Patricia Clarkson and Dan Byrd.maxresdefault

Easy A is a high school comedy classic. I just love Emma Stone, it’s one of my favourite roles. She plays the character perfectly. It’s a really cheery and lively film which is all thanks to a good script. I feel like this film is not just for the younger audience, I think that it can appeal to an older audience too because it’s a smart film. In order to like this film you need to accept the style in which it is told, with the voice over and breaking the fourth wall. I think it was a great way to tell the story.  Olive-easy-a-18898015-1920-1080


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