American Horror Story: Season 5 Episode 5


This week’s episode wasn’t as good as its predecessor, but it was still entertaining and shocking. It started off quite shocking in my opinion because Alex decides to cure a patient by turning him into a vampire. This patient is only a child who then goes to school and turns all his classmates into vampires and then kills two teachers. It’s so bizarre. DHI_1377d_hires2

We delve into the backstory of Liz Tyler this week played by Denis O’Hare. Liz used to be a man but now dresses as a woman. We are shown a little bit of the journey of how she got to this stage with the help of the Countess. I loved seeing more of her in this episode because in the previous 4 she’s just been in the background and hasn’t really had a major role yet and I think it’s a waste of talent. However, with a cast this size it’s going to be difficult. One thing that annoys me is we’re now on episode 5 and Evan Peters has only been in 2 episodes I think and his character is really interesting, I want to see more of him. liz-taylor

Darren Criss who played Blane on Glee appeared in this episode but sadly his role was short lived when he was killed off by Iris. To be honest, I think he would be a welcome addition to the AHS family in a later season. I’d quite like to see him in it to be honest.


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