Arrow: Season 4 Episode 5


We are introduced to someone new, John Constantine who was not only in present time but also in the flashbacks too. There’s no doubt about it, we’re probably going to see him again. John Constantine is the character from the TV show Constantine that also aired on The CW. However, the show was cancelled after just one season.Arrow-header

This episode’s main focus was Sara and that fact that she was running around the city killing people until she finally found the person she was looking for, Thea. When Thea came out of the pit she was drawn to kill Ra’s but he’s dead so she doesn’t have that urge anymore. However, Sara still has the urge to kill Thea because Thea is still alive and Thea is the one who killed her. In order to return Sara back to her old self, they must find her soul and to do that Ollie brings in John Constantine who manages to help return her soul.Arrow-The-Ritual

In this episode, we also get to listen to the final message that Ray left before he supposedly died and the message he left was that he was, in fact, alive but being held captive. Naturally this sets up the next episode being that episode 6 will focus on the team trying to find and rescue him.


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