Nanny McPhee

When Cedric Brown (Colin Firth) becomes a widower with seven children to look after, he decides to hire a nanny, Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson). However, the children misbehave and cause chaos so Nanny McPhee uses her magical powers to steer them in the right direction. Also starring Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Kelly Macdonald, Angela Lansbury, Imelda Staunton and Celia Imrie.nanny-mcphee

I loved this film, it was one of my favourites growing up and I hadn’t seen it for ages but it was on TV a couple of months ago and I got to watch it again and I forgot how good it actually is. It makes you feel so good after watching it, you can’t help but smile. I’m glad I got to see this film as a child because I don’t think I would have been able to appreciate it as much if the first time I watched it would be now. It’s definitely one for the kids to watch. This film always reminds me of Mary Poppins, they have some similarities so if you liked Mary Poppins then give this a go.9bfc6ecef06015e389d5aebace7c9623

There is a second Nanny McPhee film but I’d rather forget about that. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. The first one was so magical and it should have just stayed as one film.


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