The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 4


This episode was all about Morgan. We don’t see any of the other characters, we learn about what Morgan was doing before he joined the group. We learn why he doesn’t kill people anymore. I understand that they wanted to show us more of Morgan so that we can get to know him more but for me it was annoying. After the cliffhanger of last weeks episode this weeks was just frustrating but I saw it coming. I don’t get why the episode had to be so long as well. 45 minutes of just Morgan would have been enough. 1501361546937232166

I feel like the first 3 episodes of this season has been action packed and I’ve been really enjoying it and this episode was just really slow. It’s nice to change the pace every now and then but I found it boring and I hate using that word to describe a walking dead episode because it’s always so good. I think it’s because I’m too eager to find out the fate of Glenn. TWD_604_GP_0806_0064-1200x801

I can’t wait for next weeks episode, the promo doesn’t indicate to Glenn in any way but we get to see the main group so I’m excited for that and it looks like it’s going to have lots of action.


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