American Horror Story: Season 5 Episode 4


I think this has been my favourite episode so far in the season. I’m going to start by talking about Alex because of what she decided to do at the end of the episode. I get that she loves her son and that she doesn’t want to lose him again but by joining him she’s also leaving her daughter behind and I thought it was really selfish. She’s chosen him over her and I know we saw in last weeks episode how much Holden means to her but she does have a daughter too who I now feel extremely sorry for. 1495850185646569361

We witness one crazy dinner party in this episode that I found really entertaining. The host – The Master played by Evan Peters, I absolutely love. I think Peters plays him really well, he’s just an amazing actor that is proving he can play any role thrown his way. Back to the dinner party we have a welcome guest played by Lily Rabe, who we haven’t seen in a while. I’m so glad she’s back. I love her and I’ve really enjoyed her characters that she’s played in the previous seasons. Her character in this season is a serial killer who is invited to the dinner party along with all the other serial killers. ustv-american-horror-story-hotel-episode-4-still-02

We delve into the back story of Hazel Evers, the maid of the hotel. We learn that like John she also had a son, whom she lost a few years back around Halloween. After learning this about Hazel we also learn that she is over 100 years old, or rather a ghost.    AHS_Hotel_Miss_Evers_01


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