Arrow: Season 4 Episode 4


We’re in a brand new arrow cave now which used to be Sebastian Blood’s old lair until he met his end. Oliver has also taken over Blood’s old office so he can set up shop and run for Mayor. All the team members know now that Oliver is running and even though at first they don’t really seem to support him they sort of warm up to the idea.Arrow -- "Beyond Redemption" -- Image AR405B_0266b.jpg -- Pictured: Caity Lotz as Sara Lance -- Photo: Dean Buscher/ The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.We see a lot of Lance in this episode and towards the end of last season I started to dislike him again but this season I’m liking him so far because he’s helping the team out and him and Oliver seemed to get a bit closure this episode and their relationship seems to be heading in the right direction now. I felt really bad for him when he saw Sara like she is because she looks like an animal at the minute and seeing your child like that can’t be pleasant for him. I felt like the main focus of this episode was the relationship between Oliver and Lance. 


Felicity figures out what it is that’s appearing on her phone and finds out that Ray has a final message recorder, something he recorded before he died. However, we do not know what the message is because she didn’t want to listen to it. I’m interested to find out what it is because as we know Ray will be in Legends of Tomorrow. Arrow-season-4-episode-1-grave-Felicity

I’m not as into these flashbacks this season as I have been previously but hopefully that will change in the coming weeks. I think it’s because they’re a bit uneventful at the minute which is understandable, we are only on episode 4. Next weeks episode primarily focuses on Sara and trying to restore her back to her old self. It looks good but I just don’t like her and I haven’t ever liked the character really.


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