American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 3


We learn a lot more about the characters in this episode which is good because it’s hard to learn about them with a cast this big. We especially learn more about Holden’s disappearance and how it effected his mother Alex. We learn that Alex had an abusive childhood and that she loved Holden more than anyone including her husband and her daughter Scarlett. We also learn of her suicide attempt after his disappearance. Amongst all that she turns up at the hotel to deliver divorce papers to John. I found it really sad when he found out she wanted a divorce. It’s definitely something he doesn’t want and he literally broke down. I feel really bad for him.screen-shot-2015-10-22-at-162040

Angela Bassett finally makes an appearance as Ramona Royale in what is probably a great arrival for the show. We see one hell of a back story for her introduction. She’s already a great character after about 5 minutes of screen time. ustv-ahs-hotel-episode-3-still-03

We also delve more into the relationship between mother and son with Iris and Donovan resulting in a full-blown argument where he basically tells her to die. In the end that’s what she does. Donovan realises what he’s done and goes to find his mother and see’s that she’s dead. After realising he doesn’t actually want her to be dead because she’s all that he’s got he brings her back by dripping his blood into her mouth. It felt very much like True Blood that scene.ahs-donovan

We’ll have to wait and see what the repercussions of this episode are next week when it returns. I’m looking forward to seeing what Alex will do now that she’s seen Holden in the hotel. It’ll also be interesting to see how the Countess reacts when she finds out what Donovan did when he put his vampire blood in his mother’s mouth.kid


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