The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 2


The Wolves attack forcing the remaining survivors at Alexandria to defend themselves. They begin slashing people to death. Carol is the first one to notice and begins to fight back. I love Carol now but sometimes she can be a bit to mean especially to the children. tumblr_nwg471EpQb1uxhwb1o1_500

We also find out what the cause of the beeping noise from last episode that drew the walkers away from the road. A truck drove into the side of the fence. They managed to stop the beeping noise so hopefully when we revisit the quarry next week they are able to manage the walkers again. Although if they don’t it’ll be a huge blood bath as the walkers make their way to Alexandria which would be really exciting to watch. the_walking_dead_season_6_trailer_1

As we focused on Alexandria and the people there we didn’t get to see Daryl or Rick which I was a bit gutted about but it was still a fantastic episode. We do however see a lot of Morgan this episode which was nice. As he believes every life matters he tries to scare the Wolves into leaving and never coming back. However, at the end of the episode he realises that that’s not going to get him very far. tumblr_nwg6ka733B1s3rw32o2_500

This was a very intense and exciting episode. What I liked about this episode is that there was 1 walker and it was still really entertaining. I can’t wait for the next episode the promo looks so good!


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