Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Ace Ventura (Jim Carey) is called in to investigate the NFL Miami team mascot, which is a dolphin, is abducted. He specializes in this area. The case then takes a turn when one of the team players, Dan Marino (Dan Marino) is abducted. Working with Melissa Robinson (Courtney Cox) he closes in on the case. Ace-Ventura-Pet-Detective

This is a brilliant film. I love it and It’s my favourite Carey film, probably because its the film where I discovered and fell in love with him. He is my favourite comedy actor. If he starred in a film with no one else but him, I’d watch it and I would probably love it. He is amazing and very funny which helps.968full-ace-ventura--pet-detective-screenshot


My favourite part in the film is when they go to the mental hospital and he’s running around in a pink tutu and performing in slow motion. That was brilliant and very entertaining.Ace-Ventura-Pet-Detective-1

I love the direction the film takes in the fact that when Ace finds out who is behind it all it’s a really good twist. I mean you see it coming because its sort of obvious but the fact that Ace doesn’t have a clue makes it so much more exciting to watch. I remember the first time I watched this film when I was little and I thought the ending was amazing. It is a really good film and probably one of Carey’s funniest, it never gets old. ace-ventura-pet-detective-dolphin-kid-signing-pimples-jim-carrey


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