Remember Me

Tyler (Robert Pattinson) and his father (Pierce Brosnan) have endured an estranged relationship since a family tragedy that occurred a few years ago. He has a troubled life but when he meets Ally (Emilie De Raven), he falls in love and he begins to sort his life out. Also starring Peyton List, Ruby Jerins and Chris Cooper.hero_EB20100310REVIEWS100319993AR

I love this film. The problems they cover are real and relatable which makes it a really good film. It is a very sad film as well. It’s my favourite Pattinson role, I think it’s one of his best performances. I loved the relationship his character had with his little sister. It was really cute and sweet. All the characters in the film have depth and are actually interesting.1aa


Its one of those films where I struggle to watch the ending because Pattinson’s character dies and it’s really sad because he had an older brother that killed himself a few years prior to his death. The fact that the little sister is now an only child and the parents have now lost two children is just really heartbreaking. What makes it even more sad is that fact that he died in 9/11 which is utterly heartbreaking anyway. It just makes you think about the devastation that was caused and the lives that were lost. It just makes the film even more sad.rm-still-3


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