What We Did on Our Holiday

A married couple (Rosamund Pike and David Tennant) are having problems. They’re living in different houses but when they go on holiday with their three young children they put on a front and pretend they’re still happily married for their distant family members. However, their young children threaten to expose their lies. Also starring Billy Connolly, Ben Miller, Amelia Jones, Amelia Bullmore and Celia Imrie.'WHAT WE DID ON OUR HOLIDAYS'This is actually a really good British film. Very funny. I love Rosamund Pike, she’s one of my favourite actresses and it was nice to see her in a light film like this after watching her in Gone Girl. I love David Tennant too, he’s fantastic in Broadchurch and I loved him in Doctor Who. 18149


The plot of the film shocked me quite a bit. It was a weird storyline but it was really funny. They go on Holiday to Scotland to see their grandfather as he hasn’t got long to live and he takes the kids to the beach where he dies in front of them. With their parents fighting all the time they decide to give their grandfather a funeral without them and the way he wanted it so they build a raft and push him out to see after they have set fire to him. I just thought it was so funny. It’s a good film to watch on your holidays.



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