The Amityville Horror

The Lutz family move to a new home in the small town of Amityville where the family who lived there before them were all murdered by the eldest son. After spending time in their new house they start to believe the house is haunted so they find a priest to help them. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George, Chloe Moretz, Jesse James and Jimmy Bennett. The film is a remake of the 1979 film of the same name and also based on the book of the same name by Jay Anson which is based on a true story of a family (Lutz) who move into the house where Ronald DeFeo Jr killed 6 members of his family in the early hours of the morning in 1974. maxresdefault


So I was watching this with a friend late at night with no duvet or anything and there’s a really scary scene near the start of the film where the little boy is stood by the sink and something appears next to him and I jumped right out of my skin and I probably nearly screamed. It was so scary but looking back on it it’s not actually that scary and the thing that appeared doesn’t actually look that terrifying but the initial shock of something just appearing in one quick flash really shocked and scared me. The rest of the film wasn’t scary but every time music built up I closed one eye, I didn’t want to be that scared again.images  I did really enjoy this film because it was a horror film and that’s what I wanted to watch at the time. The acting was great and it is something I’d watch again, especially now I know where the scary bit is. I thought Ryan Reynolds was great because he was the one who got possessed and then started trying to kill his family and the way his personality changes. He was just really fascinating to watch. the_amityville_horror09

I would really recommend this film to any horror lovers because it does have a couple of jumpy moments and some great scenes. They’re bringing out another film titled Amityville: The Awakening next year which looks really good so I can’t wait to see that. tumblr_mcbr81bJYL1qg425ho1_500


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