The Whispers: Season 1

The children of Washington D.C all have an imaginary friend called Drill who makes them play dangerous games and if they agree to take part he will reward them. Claire Bennigan (Lily Rabe) is called in to investigate children are involved in accidents causing other people. Unbeknown to Claire that her own son is also talking to Drill. She must also face the consequences of her missing husband Sean (Milo Ventimiglia). Also starring Barry Sloane and Kristen Connolly.creepy-little-girl-the-whispers

The Whispers aired its finale last night and it was such a good cliffhanger ending. I really hope it’s renewed because I just loved this show. I watched it for the three main characters because I knew Lily Rabe from American Horror Story, Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes and Barry Sloane from Revenge and I’m a huge fan of theirs. I loved the storyline between the three characters and towards the end of the season it actually got quite sad.The-Whispers-ABCs-New-Mystery-Science-Fiction-Summer-Premiere-Video-450x253

I loved the way the show slowly progressed at the right pace. It was just 13 episodes which made things happen sooner rather than having to wade through a 24 episode season where the plot is really slow. The characters were great and even the children were brilliant. I loved Henry (Claire Bennigan’s son), he was so cute with his curly red hair. You really pray throughout that nothings going to happen to him because you see what Drill can do to children and their parents and it’s quite scary.THE WHISPERS - We love to play games with our children. But what happens when someone else starts to play with them, too? Someone we don't know. Can't see. Can't hear. In "The Whispers," someone or something - is manipulating the ones we love most to commit the unthinkable. In the country's center of political power, Washington D.C., several kids have been talking about their imaginary friend, Drill. What the parents don't know is that this friend is not as imaginary as they think. And when the mysterious games Drill convinces them to play turn dangerous, FBI child specialist Claire Bennigan is called in to investigate. What is it that Drill wants, and why does he - or it - only communicate with children? As the clock counts down, a suspenseful race will begin to save not only their families, but the world.  Before it's too late. ABC's "The Whispers" premieres MONDAY, JUNE 1 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET), on ABC. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal) KYLE HARRISON BREITKOPFThe show reminded me in a way of Torchwood: Children Of Earth because the threat uses the children in both shows. However, with The Whispers they deal with the political side too. Which I usually don’t like but it had the right amount of balance between the political side and the human side. 


I think the show got a lot darker towards the end of the season with Wes’ (Barry Sloane) wife’s murder by Drill and then it goes even darker when they put all the kids in quarantine and think Wes’ daughter Minx has been possessed by Drill so they plan to kill her. Luckily though Wes manages to save her in the nick of time.6ed451ecbe00420cc28eb27bcfd89a1b

I did love the way it ended but they better do a season 2 with the same cast returning. At the end of the finale Drill was finally getting what he wanted, the children. Blue lights shone down from the sky and abducted all the children apart from Henry because Claire got to him in time to push him out the way and instead the blue light took her. I thought it was a great ending because so much can now be explored if they make another season.



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