American Heist

After serving a 10 year prison sentence, Frankie (Adrien Brody) is released and manages to get tied up in the criminal world yet again, bringing his brother James (Hayden Christensen) along too. James fought so hard to stay on the straight and narrow but his brother poses as a huge threat to drag him down with him. Also starring Jordana Brewster, Akon and Tory Kittles.ah_01384

I really enjoyed watching this film but then I like most of Christensen’s films. I thought Adrien Brody was really good in this. His acting was so believable, he played the character perfectly. You want to hate the character for what he puts his brother through but you just can’t help but feel sorry for him too.cdn.indiewire


I was a bit disappointed at the end because it was a bit like, is that it? The ending was really good but because the film was only 90 minutes long it felt really short for me and I kind of wanted a bit more. I liked the ending because it wasn’t a happy ending and not all films should have happy endings. Brody’s character dies in an act to save his brother which I liked because he was the reason his brother was in that mess in the first place and also the guy didn’t sail off into the sunset with the girl. It was a sad ending but it fit with the film so I was pleased. If it ended all happy then it wouldn’t have done the film justice and it would have just been disappointing because you can’t do all the stuff they did and just go back to living a normal life.  b8bfbb5fc402ac0390efe8bd01dbde90


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