Last House on the Left

An escaped convict (Garret Dillahunt) and his crew kidnap two young girls and take them to the woods where he leaves them for dead. Mari (Sara Paxton) one of the girls, finds her way home where the crew that took her are hold up because of the storm. When her parents learn what they did to her they make them pay. Also starring Monica Potter, Tony Goldwyn and Aaron Paul. The film is a remake of the 1972 film of the same name.fhd008LHL_Sara_Paxton_010


This is a film that starts off boring but once it gets into it you can get really hooked. It’s a really sad story because Mari is raped and then shot and she manages to find her way back to the house where the people who did this to her are sleeping for the night. Once her parent figure it all out they seek revenge which is exciting to watch. 068756H4

Tony Goldwyn, who plays Mari’s dad, looks a hell of a lot like Andrew Lincoln, who plays Nick Grimes in The Walking Dead and I kept getting really confused, they look so alike. I wish Aaron Paul didn’t play a bad guy in this because I’m a huge fan of his but I didn’t like him in this. I need to watch Breaking Bad or Need For Speed to remember why I like him so much.lasthouseontheleft

It is a good film, some of the death scenes are really brutal. I thought the way Aaron Paul’s character was killed was especially disturbing. I would definitely say this is a horror film. It’s not scary so if you like horror films but don’t like being scared then I’d say watch this one. It’s not something I’d watch again but it’s worth watching just once.    lhotl_large


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