Truth Or Die

A group of teens are invited to a party at an isolated cabin only to find not all is as it seems. They’re alone with a killer ready to seek vengeance for his brother’s death. He forces them to play a deadly game of truth or dare. Starring Tom Kane, Jennie Jacques, Liam Boyle, Jack Gordon and Florence Hall.2ca350928d8acc22734e09eaa0781668a052343_r

I do love a good horror film when it’s based on a game. Especially a game of truth or dare because there aren’t any limits, the dares can be horrific which is entertaining to watch. I do like this film, it’s nothing special but it’s very intriguing to watch. There’s a twist at the end which gives it a more shocking ending but to be honest the ending isn’t that great. It’s shocking in a bad way. It’s not a film that I will always remember but it is worth watching just partly for how ridiculous it gets. Truth-or-Die-Dare-2012-Movie-6

If you like horror films that are centered around teenagers then this is one to watch. There’s not really much to say about it but there are some scenes that can make you feel a little queasy if you don’t have a strong stomach. There’s a couple of scenes where the killer stick’s a tube down a couple of the teenagers throats which is a bit disturbing to watch. It’s not really a scary film, there’s no scenes that will make you jump out of your skin but there are some good scenes.Truth or Dare stills ©Jonathan Brady, 07931541489,


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