Teen Wolf: Season 5 Episode 10


Wow! That was an insane mid-season summer finale! In a nutshell, Theo killed Scott, Theo is a Chimera, Parish’s identity is revealed, Lydia loses her mind, Braeden returns but the most devastating scene was seeing Stiles’ jeep get towed. He’s not Stiles without his jeep. Hopefully it will be back. I don’t think I missed anything but then again the episode was filled with so many twists it’s hard to keep up.tumblr_mobygzMDJv1r63o3jo2_500

Theo killed Scott. He didn’t have a pulse for over 15 minutes and then his mum started performing CPR and in the end she delivers a precordial thump which surprisingly starts his heart again. I wasn’t expecting him to die so I knew he had to wake up I just didn’t know how. It was horrible seeing him fighting Liam, they were such good friends and now it’s just fallen apart. Then what’s worse after the fight Theo arrives and kills him, or so he thought. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he finds out Scott’s still alive. teen-wolf-scott-dead

Theo is a Chimera. I did not see that coming but it was a nice twist and he is the original Chimera. I hate him and can’t wait until he finally gets his comeuppance. One part that I loved about this episode was when Stiles punched the lights out of him. It was so much fun to watch. He’s torn them all apart. They’re not really a pack anymore, they all seem to be off doing their own things and especially with Stiles and Scott not talking and it’s all down to Theo for spreading lies.teen-wolf-finale-2

Parish’s identity is revealed. So we now know that he is a Hellhound. Hellhounds are the guardians of a supernatural place so it sort of makes sense now. I expect they’ll go into more detail about him when the show returns which should be interesting.teen-wolf-parrish-hellhound

Lydia loses her mind. We knew from the very first episode that Lydia was going to end up as a patient at Eichen House and now we know why, Theo. She discovered what Parish was and then Theo showed just as she was hearing what was about to happen in the library so to stop her telling anyone he punched her. After that he takes her somewhere and makes her lose her mind so that’s why she’ll be in Eichen House when it returns because she doesn’t have a mind anymore. I hope it doesn’t take her too long to get it back.teen-wolf-finale-1

Braeden returns. It looks like we’ll be seeing her again when the show returns which gives us a little bit of hope that Derek will make an appearance again. Braeden

At the end of the episode Theo woke all the dead Chimera’s so he now has a pact so it’s probably going to be Scott’s pack vs Theo’s pack which should cause a lot of destruction. I don’t think Scott’s pack is going to be much use at the minute though, I think they have a lot of issues they need to sort out before they can defeat someone like Theo. Amongst the Chimera’s is Hayden who died in this episode but then was brought back by Theo. Liam and Hayden love each other but he’s in Scott’s pack and she’s in Theo’s pack so there’s going to be lots of problems for them when the show returns.   teen-wolf-02


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