The Best of Me

Amanda (Michelle Monaghan) and Dawson (James Marsden) return to their home town for a mutual friend’s funeral. After spending 20 years apart, these childhood sweethearts realise they are still very much in love. However, their painful memories from the past threaten to tear them apart again. Also starring Luke Bracey and Liano Liberato. Based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. m_035_04948rv2

I absolutely loved this film and I’ve watched some rubbish ones lately so it was nice to finally really enjoy a film for a change. I really liked Luke Bracey in this film, I haven’t seen him in anything before but I think I’ll keep my eye out for him now, he was nice to look at too. He’s in the remake of Point Break which looks really good so I can’t wait to see him in that. PANews BT_P-464a8a15-5f07-4a12-9774-50256b88ff56_I1

I thought the acting was great in this film. I loved Bracey and Liberato and you could really see the chemistry between them. As for Monaghan and Marsden, I’ve never disliked them but I also haven’t ever really liked them either however I liked them in this but that’s because of the characters they play.01

I did love the way the story was told. You see Monaghan and Marsden play them in the now and Bracey and Liberato in the past and I loved the story that was being told in the past. They were really cute together. The film was really cute but also sad in places too. It’s not sad where you need the tissues but you do feel for the characters a lot.635490710037380024-BEST-OF-ME


When I was watching it I didn’t know that It was based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks who also wrote The Notebook and throughout the film I thought this is a bit like The Notebook. With the way the guys in both films were from bad backgrounds and the women in both films are from wealthier backgrounds it just reminded me a lot of The Notebook and now I know why because it’s written by the same person. Another part in the film that reminded me of The Notebook was when Amanda visits Dawson in prison every week for a year and in The Notebook Noah wrote Ali 365 letters. If I had to choose which film I liked better out of the two I would have to say The Best of Me but only because it’s more modern and I prefer modern films, whereas The Notebook is more old-fashioned but I still love it. photo

The only part in the film where it was predictable was at the end when Dawson died and it was his heart that saved Amanda’s son’s life. I didn’t expect Dawson to die and I wish he didn’t because it was quite sad but it was different so and different is good in the film industry. I’m quite glad they didn’t end up driving off in the sunset together because that’s what you expect from the beginning. 311014_IT_THE_BEST_OF_ME

I loved this film, it’s the perfect date movie. I’ve seen a lot of Nicholas Sparks’ novels on the big screen and this is now definitely one of my favourites of his a long with The Notebook and Safe Haven. best-of-me-young-love


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