Teen Wolf: Season 5 Episode 9


All the characters feel so distant from each other now. It’s actually quite sad. I felt really bad for Stiles this week because Theo told Scott about him killing Deacon however, he told him a completely different story of how Stiles killed him which was really annoying. It made me dislike Theo even more. I hated the ending where Scott confronted Stiles and he didn’t believe him. I don’t understand why he would believe Theo over his best friend. That was really annoying. I’m sure it won’t be too long before they’re best buds again though. 1920

As for Parrish I feel like we’re getting closer to the truth about him and what kind of supernatural creature he is. It’s only taken them like two seasons though. Kira has gone away so I wonder when she will be back and when we will find out what’s going on with her. There’s so much going on this season it’s a little hard to keep up but I am really enjoying it. Teen_Wolf_Season_4_Episode_12_Smoke_&_Mirrors_Parrish_waiting

I felt like this episode was really depressing and I think the last couple have been too. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but all the characters seem to be struggling and there’s no happiness in their lives at the minute which is understandable considering everything that’s going on. I just hope there’s some lighter scenes to come in the second half of the season. teen-wolf-season-finale-recap

I hated Hayden in the beginning and I didn’t really like Liam too much but after what they’ve both been through the last couple of episodes and now that it looks like she might die I actually like them. Especially Liam, I think he’s come a long way since he first turned into a wolf and Hayden became a lot more likeable when she stopped hating on him. I do hope she doesn’t die because I think Liam will be really devastat   ed by it.tumblr_inline_nqsskosnaK1sla3su_500

Next weeks episode which I think is the mid-season finale looks really interesting and there looks to be a lot of drama and action. It even sounds like Liam wants to kill scott which might have something to do with the fate of Hayden. I’m sure it’s going to be a fantastic episode next week.


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