Pretty Little Liars: Season 6 Episode 10

Sorry for my lack of blogs over the last two weeks but I was away on holiday and I’ve just managed to catch up on Pretty Little Liars. I had to make sure I didn’t go on the internet all week because the mid-season finale revealed the true identity of A and I didn’t want to spoil it for myself before watching it.

As for the reveal of A it wasn’t a complete oh my god jaw dropping moment for me and that’s what I was hoping for. It was a bit of a let down however, when they went into the story behind A and what made her do all the things she did that was the best part. It made up for the reveal.


As for the reveal of red coat and black veil I was disappointed again because they were the same person and that person is Sara who hs only been in a few episodes so I thought that was a rubbish reveal because I felt like they didn’t know who it was going to be so they brought someone in just for that reason. I did enjoy watching Emily punch Sara

In the previous episode the mum’s got locked in Ali’s basement by A and we never see what happens to them after that, how they get out. It’s like the writer forgot about them. I assume they’re all fine.PLL-Moms-image-pll-moms-36538046-1280-720

At the end of this episode the girls all go their separate ways and we don’t know what happens to A aka CeCe Drake after what happened on the roof top. I felt like there needed to be a scene where we see what happens to her now whether she’s in prison and also what happened to Jason and Mr D. I felt like they ran out of time which is a shame. maxresdefault

There are some plot holes with this story which are shown all over the internet, the biggest one being with Toby’s mum’s death. I understand that there will be some plot holes because the story is so complicated now but it is a pretty big plot hole that the writers probably won’t have an answer too.9831

There are still some answers that we need like who killed Mrs D and who killed Maya. I doubt CeCe killed her own mother so I hope whoever killed Mrs D is a nice shock. As for Maya I’m fed up with that and I think they should reveal it, I feel like they’ve forgotten about her. She died in the first season and we’re still waiting. 2014-03-19_11-36-17

I loved the very ending of the episode when we see the girls 5 years on and it looks like something bad’s happening so I can’t wait for the return. It sounds like Hanna is the one who is engaged I just hope it’s to Caleb because if it’s not I will be really annoyed, they need to stop dragging stories out now. pretty-little-liars


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