Pretty Little Liars: Season 6 Episode 8


This has been one of the best episodes of Pretty Little Liars for a while. Red Coat returned!! It made the episode so much more exciting. We know that CeCe and Ali used to wear red coats but now I’m wondering if there’s someone else behind the coat unless CeCe is back. RealA

We meet a very shady Mr Matthews who looks a lot like a DiLaurentis. The girls think he could be Charles which is why I’m not so sure. It’s not going to be him, it would be too obvious now and also he’s only just appeared. It would be a huge let down if A wasn’t someone we knew all along.CLCqG6jUAAARxK5-1438135029

At the end of the episode the girls follow Mr Matthews to an abandoned warehouse and they get more than they bargained for when Aria’s friend Clark turned up. It’s getting a bit annoying now that every time someone new turns up they’re doing something suspicious. 798bf580-fc3c-0132-f41b-0e18518aac2f-1438136497

Aria’s art exhibit was ruined by A. He replaced all her photos and replaced them with the photos he took of the girls when they were unconscious in the dolls house looking like they’re dead at the morgue. I don’t think this show could get creepier.pretty-little-liars-photos-1438137254

I loved the end scene when Hanna and Aria’s mum got together, I love it when the mom’s work as a team. Then the camera panned outside and we saw Red Coat watching them which isn’t creepy at all. I’m so excited to find out who Red Coat and A are and we are only two weeks away now. I’ve waited 6 years to finally find out who A is and we’re just two weeks away and I’m going to have to wait a bit longer because I go on holiday. Typical!



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