Teen Wolf: Season 5 Episode 6


They all decided to read the book about the Dread Doctors to try to remember what it is the Dread Doctors want them to suppress. Scott, Lydia and Stiles all recalled a single memory after reading the book and the saddest one was Stiles’. His mum died from dementia and his memory was of her in the hospital telling his father that Stiles wants to kill her. It was so sad and I felt so sorry for him. For his mum to think he wants to kill her when he was only 10 years old must have been heartbreaking and then to make it worse she attacked him. dylan-obrien

Scott’s memory was of when he was younger and he suffered an attack from a dog. He recalled this memory whilst in AP Biology and couldn’t breathe. Liam arrived just in time though with an inhaler. Finally, Lydia’s memory was of her younger self entering Eichen House and seeing her mother hold her grandmother down in a bathtub whilst she was bleeding. Obviously Lydia’s memory is going to be the weirdest and creepiest and even Lydia doesn’t believe it’s her memory, she thinks it’s someone else’s. I can’t wait to find out who’s.teen-wolf-season-5-episode-6-lydia1

There was a scene showing Parish training Lydia how to fight this episode after she asked him to in the previous one and they had a moment. I think I’m the only one who thinks this relationship is wrong. I really don’t get it, it’s a bit creepy. She’s in high school and he’s a police officer. I really hope this relationship doesn’t go anywhere.Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 13.08.01

Stiles and Malia are both lying to each other which I really don’t mind because I don’t like them two together either. I used to like Malia but I’ve really gone off her this season, I don’t know why. teen-wolf-season-5-episode-1-maliaWe found out what happened between Liam and Hayden in sixth grade and why she completely hates him and to be honest it was stupid. The reason she hates him is because he got into a fight and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he accidentally punched her in the face. The way she has been acting made it out like it was something serious, I honestly can’t believe she’s not over it.tumblr_inline_nqsskosnaK1sla3su_500

The promo for next week looks amazing. I’m so excited, there’s lots of blood and they look like they are going to get into some serious danger.   


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