Life as We Know It

Holly (Katherine Heigl) and Messer (Josh Duhamel) are set up by their best friends only to hate each other after a tragic first date. However, after their best friends die in a fatal car accident they agree to share joint custody of their daughter Sophie and decide to move in together to help raise her. LIFE-articleLarge

It’s a feel good movie that offers up some laughs and some tears. Watching these two try to get their act together in order to raise this little girl is funny and very entertaining. I think this film is very underated and not given enough credit. I think its fantastic and there are some great moments to be witnessed in this romcom. life-as-we-know-it-2

I think it’s very sad when Sophie’s parents die because you spend the first few minutes of the film learning about them and getting to know them and then all of a sudden they’re gone having died in an off screen car accident. Then the fun really starts. Holly and Messer are both enjoying happy single lives with no responsibilities and now they are dragged into the domestic life having to raise a child and pay for a house. God knows why the parents chose these klutzy people as the guardians to raise their child, they had no idea what they were doing.LAWD-08767
(L-r) HAYES MacARTHUR as Peter Novak and CHRISTINA HENDRICKS as Alison Novak in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ romantic comedy “LIFE AS WE KNOW IT,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.I think Heigl and Duhamel have great chemistry which shows on screen and their relationship with Alexiz Clagett, who plays Sophie is adorable. 


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