Bad Teacher

Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) hates her job and is about to quit because she is marrying a rich man but when he dumps her she is forced to stay on as a teacher. However, when a substitute teacher, Scott (Justin Timberlake) arrives she sets her sights on him after learning of his wealthy lifestyle but it won’t be that easy because she now has competition from a colleague who is more popular than her. Also starring Lucy Punch and Jason Segelbad-teacher-175

This film is hilarious, its brilliant to watch the main character swear at the children, turn up hung over, get stoned in class and do the most bizarre and probably illegal things in front of her students. Who wouldn’t love a teacher like that? Well one student in particular doesn’t. I love this film because her relationship with the students changes and you can see she actually does like them, even if it doesn’t seem like it all the time.  Bad-Teacher-007

Scott, the guy she sees as her meal ticket out of this school is the most boring person ever but she’s not bothered if he’s interesting or not, she just wants his money so she doesn’t have to teach anymore. Then there’s Russell, the gym teacher, who isn’t as good looking as Scott but has a way better personality. The only downside is that he isn’t rich.Bad-Teacher

Ms. Punch is her competition and she is hilarious. If you think Cameron Diaz’s character is crazy well you haven’t seen nothing until you see Ms. Punch. She’s completely bizarre and walks around with these big crazy eyes. It’s so funny seeing them both fight over Scott. The lengths that they go to is ridiculous. BAD-articleLarge

I think the reason this movie works so well is the characters. They all have depth and they are all funny. Not one of them let’s the side down which is down to the actors who plays them. The cast’s performances are very convincing. It offers up some laughs and personally it’s probably one of my favourite Cameron Diaz film.


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