Mad Max: Fury Road

I honestly did not think I would like this film. I’ve not seen any of the originals but this one had lots of actors that I liked in it so I wanted to give it a go and I regret now not going to see it at the cinema because I can imagine it being amazing seeing it on the big screen. It was amazing. I thought the structure of it was great and the way it was filmed. It was just amazing to watch and see it all play out.charlize-theron-mad-max-fury-road

I think Charlize Theron is a brilliant actress and she can just pull off any role. I’ve seen many of Tom Hardy’s films but I’ve never said that I’m a fan of his and I still can’t say it. He was really good in this film but I still wouldn’t say I’m a fan. As for Nicholas Hoult, I absolutely love him. I’ve watched him since he starred in About a Boy and then went on to star in one of my favourite TV shows, Skins. I think he’s a pretty incredible actor and he’s one that I always look out for in future films.  MadMaxCannes

The wives were fantastic too. They weren’t damsels in distress, they had huge parts to play and they played them really well. It felt like a very empowering film for women with all these strong female role models. Especially Furiosa played by Charlize Theron. She played a strong female lead role.fury-road

Mad Max spoke a lot more than I thought he would. It surprised me the amount of times he spoke but then I haven’t seen the originals so I don’t know how much he spoke in them. I do think Tom Hardy was a really good Mad Max but again I haven’t seen the others so I don’t know who the best Max is. If the sequel does happen I would want Tom Hardy to reprise his role.url

The same for Nicholas Hoult too. I loved his character Nux. He was very cute and twitchy. I would be gutted if he wasn’t in the next film. I think Hoult’s performance was amazing, you can’t even tell its him. I know he has all the make up on so he’s going to be unrecognisable anyway but the performance was just faultless. The same with Theron and Hardy. It was just an all star cast.JS62928600

Everything about this film was amazing. The acting. The make up. The setting. Everything. It’s not my favourite film of 2015 but I’d say it comes in at about 3rd. I just loved how crazy and out there this film was. There were just no limits. I might not of understood all of it but I sure was entertained from start to finish. It’s a beautiful film and you really do appreciate what’s in front of you. MadMaxscreengrabheadlinecropIf you like action then you won’t be disappointed because the film is just continuous action. It’s nothing but a chase which is what makes the film so special. Even amongst all the craziness you still get the character development of all the characters involved. You get to explore the depth of them which is needed for us to understand them and their motives for doing what they do.       FURY ROAD


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