Teen Wolf: Season 5 Episode 4


Lydia is in recovery after being stabbed. I loved it when Stiles found her because he looked so worried. There was an episode earlier on in another season when he said he would go out of his freaking mind if she died and in this episode he didn’t know if she was going to survive or not, he looked very worried. Luckily though she’s okay. She’s asked Parish to teach her how to fight so now we know where she learns it because in the first episode of the season when they were showing the characters in the future, Lydia was able to fight with some skill so now we know where she learns it. tumblr_nrgm8oqVr91rojmono1_500We know a little more about Parish and by a little more I mean we know he likes to carry girls to the tree stump naked and whilst on fire. God knows what this means but I’m looking forward to finding out exactly what he is. tumblr_nrgmxzFqYZ1tp3mg2o1_500

At the very end of the episode Stiles was attacked by someone/something but I’m not worried because the promo for the next episode shows him and he seems fine. I’m looking forward to the next ep because there seems to be some Stydia scenes and it looks like it’s full of drama.teen-wolf-504-spoilers

Overall for this episode it wasn’t that eventful but it was entertaining. Teen Wolf always is though which is why I like it so much.


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