Palo Alto

This film follows the lives of several teenagers living in California. April (Emma Roberts) occasionally babysits for her gym teacher Mr B (James Franco) who is a single father. They both get too close and initiate an affair. Teddy (Jack Kilmer) has a run in with the law and has to do community service, he has feelings for April. Teddy is best friends with Fred (Nat Wolff) who embarks on a sexual relationship with Emily (Zoe Levin).A332_C005_1219A0

It’s one of those films that’s really slow because you’re just watching the journey that characters take on and observe their ups and downs. For me the film is too slow and I just couldn’t stick with it. The performances from the actors is great and the atmosphere of the film really pays off but it’s just not my type of film. I couldn’t connect with any of the characters. Palo Alto, Nat Wolff, Jack Kilmer

There was some drama in the film but not enough, there are scenes that are not really necessary. I was really hopeful for this film, it sounded really good, the only character that I liked in the film was Nat Wolff’s Fred because he was different from the others, I don’t think he’s quite all there but he was the only entertaining one.   nat-wolff-la-5-7-14


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