Kevin, Stuart and Bob embark upon a journey from Antarctica to Orland to find Scarlet Overkill and become her sidekicks. We follow the minions on their adventure to find the biggest and baddest villain of all time so that they can work for them in their villainous acts.Minions-movie-2


I started laughing from the very beginning when the minions were humming the theme tune to Universal. I love it when the minions sing even though they do it in their own language you know what they’re singing, like at the end of Despicable Me 2 when they sang YMCA. Half way through this film they started singing Hey Hey We’re The Monkees by The Monkees and even though they don’t sing the words you know what they’re singing and it’s just brilliant. hqdefault

There were so many great moments in this film. I thought it was really funny because in the first Despicable me film Kevin was shrunk and then in this film he was made extremely large. He gets around a bit. What I also find odd is that in the first film Kevin has one eye and is short and fat but now he has two eyes and is tall and thin, who know what happened along the way, he’s still cute.minions-movie-clip-new-york

I loved Bob in this film he was so cute and he was like the baby of the group, he’s so small and carries round this teddy bear that he never let’s go. I thought it was hilarious when Bob became king of England for all of 8 hours. Imagine a minion running England, it’s just hilarious. minions-trailer-3-video-youtube

I was worried about this film because I didn’t know how they can make a 90 minute or more film all about the minions without Gru and the little girls, I didn’t know how they could make a story out of it but I needn’t of worried because it was fantastic and I absolutely loved it. At the beginning of the film when they were going through the history of the minions and there was a narrator I thought is it going to be like this throughout but it wasn’t which was good. minions-movie-trailer-2-filmfeed

I loved the very beginning when they were showing how the Minions were created in the sea and they were just little yellow blobs holding onto sea creatures swimming around the sea. xMinions.jpg.pagespeed.ic.9M0XzXizOf

When Kevin, Stuart and Bob wanted to go to Orlando and they were stood at the side of the road holding their sign and a car pulls up with a family inside and the woman lets them in and says something like It’s a good job we came along before you got in a car with some crazy people and then they stop and put masks on and end up robbing a bank. That was hilarious.maxresdefault

I always wondered what they would do about Gru because obviously it’s about the minions finding a master and their master is Gru so I knew Gru was probably going to show up at the end but I never expected it to be little Gru, I thought it was just going to be the Gru we see in the Despicable films but I’m glad it was little Gru it was a lot funnier and cuter. Young_Gru3

I wonder if we will see Scarlet Overkill again in a future Despicable Me film because she’s still alive, Gru froze her at the end so when the ice melts off she could return._83830185_minions-still-with-bullock

I’m looking forward to when the film comes out on DVD, it was great and I can’t wait to see them again in Despicable Me 3 in June 2017.images


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