Tower Block

After witnessing a murder in their tower block several people start to get picked off one by one by a mysterious sniper. Starring Sheridan Smith, Jack O’Connell and Russell Tovey.tower-block-slide

I really enjoyed watching this film, it’s very entertaining. If you don’t mind blood and violence then I suggest watching this film. The whole film takes place within the tower block but it never get’s boring. The pace is just right and we watch as the characters fight to survive.1_e_Ronnie-Thompson-James-Nunn-_Tower-Block-e1349758418569

I think Jack O’Connell and Sheridan Smith are amazing. They both started out in British TV shows and now they’re in these amazing shows and now films.

1371439533_6 I think the ending is a bit of a let down but it’s still worth the watch. I just felt like they didn’t really know how to end it so they just came up with it and didn’t really think it through. It was still a good film though.


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