Despicable Me 2

Not many sequels can even come close to their predecessor never mind beating them but I think this one beat the first one. It definitely improved in this one. After the events of the first film Gru is now a happily single father of three.


I love this one it’s better than the first in my opinion and I love the ending when Gru and Lucy get married. The best bit was when the minions started singing YMCA in their own language. It was such a happy lighthearted film that couldn’t help but make you smile. wedding-photo-despicable-me-2-club-37310937-500-269

I loved it when all the minions were on the beach having the time of their lives but then they all got turned evil and purple. You still couldn’t help but love them though. 513ca76b2ec4bab2f69b1b3fc5914266

I’m looking forward to seeing the Minions movie this week when it comes out but I would have preferred the next Despicable Me film instead of waiting another two years but I might regret saying that when I see the movie. Despicable Me 3 is set to be released June 30th 2017 and the rumoured plot is that the three girls’ original mum will return which will be interesting. 3fd05bd6d9ec63079a07f9d2f06d365b


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