After the loss of his father a teenage boy, Kale (Shia Labeouf) finds himself under house arrest after punching a teacher. With nothing better to do than sit home all day he starts to spy on his neighbours and stars thinking that one of them is a serial killer.disturbia

I really enjoyed this film once it got into it which does take quite a while but once he starts spying on his neighbours it gets more interesting. I do feel like there could have been more drama, I felt like it was all just shoved in at the last 10 minutes of the film. When the film needs to be serious it is but there are some fun comedy moments too. I wouldn’t say the film is a horror it’s more like a thriller. arts-graphics-2007_1181201a

It is a very entertaining film and Shia Labeouf is great. I am a big fan of his especially his older films like Transformers and as I child I was obsessed with the film Holes. I don’t really watch his films anymore and I kind of miss him, he used to be my favourite when I was a kid, I really enjoyed this film and it’s reminded me why I used to love his films.


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