The Mist

After a huge storm damages their home town a father and his son go to the store to get supplies only for them to become stuck there when fog surrounds them and they’re unable to see anything. However, there’s not only danger outside the store, it’s within too.Behemoth

This film was okay but I’d never watch it again. I don’t think it was my type of thing and it was very slow going. The ending was so frustrating as well I felt like I’d wasted my time watching the film.


A group of people including the father and son manage to get out of the store and drive in the car until the petrol runs out. When it does eventually run out they are stranded with the weird creatures in the fog that is killing everyone. They have a gun but there are only 4 bullets and there’s 5 of them. The father tells everyone he will figure something out so he shoots everyone including his son. Then 10 seconds later the fog clears and loads of army trucks appear. So basically if he’d have waited a few more seconds none of them would have had to die. Now he has to live with the fact that his wife is dead and he not only killed 4 people but killed his own son.18s0uxeihub7hjpg

I just thought it was a really bad ending. I know they can’t always be happy but his wife was already dead so I didn’t think they needed to do it where his son died as well. I just felt a bit disappointed.


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