Pretty Little Liars: Season 6 Episode 1

I’m so glad this show is back it’s one of my favourites on television. This episode and the finale of season 5 had me on the edge of my seat. It has gotten so much darker and better.recaps-pll


The liars are still stuck in the dollhouse that A has made and they were in there for most of the episode which was better than if they escaped at the beginning of the episode. It wasn’t even the police who found them it was Ali, Caleb and Ezra. I honestly think Caleb should be on the police force rather than Toby. pretty-little-liars-recap

We still don’t know who Charles is but we do know he is a Dilaurentis. We meet Sarah this episode who went missing around the same time as Alison and it seems like she was stuck therefor years. I’m looking forward to finding out more about her and her story. pretty-little-liars-season-6-spoilers-1

I feel really sorry for the girls they’ve been trapped in that dollhouse for over a month and we aren’t shown 3 weeks of what happens to them all we hear is that they scream and that they’ve been through hell but we don’t actually know what they went through yet so I’m looking forward to finding out what happened.

I’m really excited for the rest of this season I think it’s going to be the best yet.


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