Orphan Black: Season 3 Episode 7


After everything that went on in last weeks episode and previous ones it was nice to have an uneventful and quite a light episode this week after all the darkness that’s gone on. The episode was mainly focused on Alison and we finally meet her mother who isn’t a nice person at all. However, in the end she signs over her soap making business to Alison unaware that Alison is going to use it for her drug dealing business. This drug dealing business that her and Donnie have going on I have a feeling it’s going to come back and bite them at some point. After all this is Orphan Black. 1276737956373398312

Alison’s ex is still about and he kissed Cosima thinking it was Alison. I really hope Alison doesn’t cheat on Donnie they have a really strange but cute relationship and they do make a hilarious team. In this weeks episode Donnie was supposed to pay off a drug lord but picked up the wrong envelope so he was in danger of having his nose amputated until Alison saved the day by giving them the right envelope with the money in.cdn.indiewire

There wasn’t much to Sarah and Helena this episode. Mrs S came to get them but she’s the one who turned Helena over to save Sarah and Kira so obviously Helena wanted revenge. I thought the scene between her and Mrs S was really sweet. Helena slapped Mrs S a few times so Mrs S slapped her back but really didn’t mean to so they end up hugging even though Helena is reluctant. It looks like their relationship will repair itself. 75

One thing that was nice in this episode was that there were no male clones. It was just about the girls again which was nice. However, we still don’t know what happened to the male ones or their mother because Paul blew up the place when he died. cdn.indiewire-1

In the promo for next week’s episode we are introduced to another female clone, one with blonde her unless it’s Sarah in a wig but it looks interesting anyway. I can’t believe we’re nearly on the finale already, they need more episodes in a season.


One thought on “Orphan Black: Season 3 Episode 7

  1. Dagny says:

    I know! The seasons always leave us wanting more, more, more.

    This one is easily my favorite so far. All the Alison scenes were great, especially when she introduced Cosima to her mother. And I loved the final scene with Helena and Mrs. S.

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