San Andreas

An absolute roller coaster of a ride that is brilliantly acted and keeps you on the edge throughout. Some parts are really intense. This is a fantastic film that is just amazing. I really enjoyed watching it and it was even better in 3D. You know you’ve seen a great film when you come out of the cinema and just want to watch it again straight away. sanandreas-destruction-quake-pointofgeeks

I love most of the cast members in this film. Dwayne Johnson is fantastic alongside Carla Gugino. The film also stars Alexandra Daddario who I’ve only seen in the two Percy Jackson films but I really liked her in this. I think this type of role suits her. la-ol-movie-san-andreas-science20150528

What I loved about this film is that it wasn’t all about the politics and the government it was just about a family trying to find each other in a crisis. You didn’t see important people complaining about whats going to happen to all the businesses and jobs now that all the building are just falling down into a pile of dust. I think it made the film better because you just focus on the people trying to survive a deadly earthquake. san-andreas-movie-1


The most intense moment for me was when the tsunami happened and Ray (Johnson) and Emma (Gugino) were on a speed boat and they were in the bay and they had to get out before it crashed so they raced as fast as they could towards the tsunami. You see them go up the huge wave and when they’re about to reach the top a massive ship is there and they have to quickly swerve to avoid it and quickly get over the wave. It was a close call. san-andreas

Blake (Daddario) was trapped in a car and two brothers helped her escape but the rest of the movie was about them getting to the highest building so that her dad could save them. What I liked is that after getting out of the car she was trapped in she spent the rest of the movie saving the two brothers and making sure they all survive. It was just different as usually it’s always the guy saving the girl, It made a nice change. San-Andreas-Alexandra-Daddario-Hugo-Johnstone-Burt-and-Art-Parkinson

There was a scene when the tsunami hit and an old man and women were stood on a bridge and knew they were going to die so they just hugged each other and waited to get hit. It reminded me of Titanic, it was very sad. I thought the film was sad. Especially at the end because you just can’t help but think what if that actually happened because it was really bad there was just nothing left after. I just can’t wait to see it again, it was amazing.andreas-4


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