Wayward Pines: Season 1 Episode 3


This show just got even better! After the death of Beverly last week or I should say the murder of Beverly last week, her house was up for sale. With Ethan’s wife and son on their way to find him they have an accident and wake up in the hospital with no memory of what happened. Miraculously Beverly’s house has furniture and they’re now living there with Ethan. z17859765Q,THERESA-BURKE--Shannyn-Sossamon--i-BEN-BURKE--Char

I really want Kate to just help Ethan, she thinks she’s been there 12 years when it’s only been a few weeks. She’s annoying me at the minute I just want her to tell him everything and help him so they can all escape.carla-gugino-610x342

There’s a massive fence around the town preventing anyone from leaving. Theresa and Ben, Ethan’s wife and son try to leave but the sheriff chases after them and attacks them. Ethan turns up and kill the sheriff which was a shock. We’re in episode 3 and there have already been 2 main deaths. The sheriff had a key to the fence and Ethan used it to open the fence but then this weird creature thing took the body out of the town and then they stayed in Wayward Pines anyway because they didn’t want to go out there with whatever those things were. He’s been dying to get out and when he has the chance he chooses not to. wayward_crash

It has just got better in my opinion because I’m dying to know what’s out there and seeing what happens with these characters.


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