Final Destination 5

I’ve seen the first 4 films loads of times now but I’ve only every seen the 5th one once and I couldn’t remember anything that happened so I decided to watch it again. I used to love these films when I was younger, I used to laugh at how ridiculous they were. They’re now even scary they’re just cringy.FD5_PRIME_VFX_01


The cringiest moment for me in number five was when one of the characters were getting her eye lasered because she wears glasses. The doctor put the clips on her eyes but he then left the room, as you do and then obviously it all went wrong and the laser tore through her eye so she ripped the clips off and then went flying out the window. I hate anything to do with eyes, I always find stuff with eyes cringy. images

What I liked about this one is that it tied all the films up because at the end they linked it with the first one. The two people who survive go on a plane and that’s the same plane as in the first film that blew up. So they managed to cheat death but then died anyway 2 weeks later. They also brought back the creepy coroner from the first film too. final-destination-5-ending-plane-scene-sam-lawton-molly-harper-nicholas-dagosto-emma-bell-review

I did like this film, I’ve liked all of them but I think my favourite one is number 1 and 2. I just really liked them and 2 was really good with the storyline with the pregnant woman. They were my favourite. However I love the ending to number 3 because they survive the amusement park but then end up in a massive train crash. I enjoyed number 5 but I do think it’s my least favourite out of them all.   final-destination-5-gymnastics-death-uneven-bars-bent-in-half-candice-hooper-ellen-wroe-review


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