Orphan Black: Season 3 Episode 6


This was a fantastic 6th episode, it was quite emotional too. Paul was killed by Dr. Coady. I liked Paul in the first season but then in the second one it was like he switched sides and then this season I haven’t liked him at all because he has been working with Dr. Coady and the Castor boys. He let Helena get experimented on. However, in this episode he helped Sarah escape which I was glad about and then when Dr. Coady shot him he blew the whole place up hopefully killing her, which kind of made me like him a little bit but I just don’t get him. He says he loves Sarah but throughout the show there have been things he’s done that’s hurt Sarah and I don’t know why he did them if he loved her.orphan-black-02

I loved the first scene with Alison and Donnie, it was absolutely hilarious. They’re now drug dealers and they have been getting a lot of money so this week they were in their bedroom jumping up and down in their underwear on their bed throwing money and glitter everywhere. Until one of the kids walked in. I love these two. This season has been really dark but they give us some really light scenes which is nice.1265466829925709230   We got to see Beth again in this episode, even if it was just a hallucination. We haven’t seen her since the first season and I think this episode was the final closure on her story. After Rudy’s blood was transfused into Sarah she got really sick and passed onto the other side where she see’s Beth and Beth tells her to stop asking why and to start asking who.


I’m so glad Helena went back for Sarah. If she didn’t I don’t know if she would have ever been able to redeem herself. No one would have forgiven her. Next week we see Helena slap Mrs S which I’m looking forward to. With Mrs S it’s always been up and down and at the minute I like her but she has done some terrible things so I think she deserves a slap. OB3_EP302_D16_NOV4_SW_0198

Next week we also meet Alison’s mum which I’m really looking forward too. We only know Sarah’s mum, we’ve never met any of the other clone’s mum’s and I’ve always been curious about them. I hope Alison’s and Donnie’s storyline ties in with the other storylines at some point because at the minute it feels really separate. I also hope we get to see the clones all together again, I miss those scenes. tumblr_n7hguqzF6J1rgvfxho10_500

We also find out in this episode that whoever the male clones sleep with become infertile. I’m sure we’ll find out more about this as the show goes on. I still want to know why Sarah and Helena can have children but the other female clones can’t. ari-millen

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