Kidulthood is a British drama film that follows the lives of a group of teenagers on their day off from school after a girl committed suicide. Within the film there is lots of drug use and violence. I really enjoy watching this film, I’ve seen it a few times now and it never gets old. It’s very British. There is also a sequel to this film called Adulthood which is also a good film but I prefer Kidulthood.fight

*  Spoilers*

At the end of the film there is a death of a character who I really didn’t want to die. I felt so sorry for his girlfriend because she loses him and she’s pregnant with his baby. The person that kills him is also a main cast member played by Noel Clarke who starred on Doctor Who. He also wrote the film. kidulthood-0051

The film Adulthood follows on from this one and takes place after Noel Clarke’s character is released from prison for the murder of Trevor. I would definitely recommend this film if you are British and like crime films. If you’ve seen skins or Shameless or anything like that then give this ago.  adulthood


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