Between: Season 1 Episode 1

Between is a science fiction drama TV show which started this week on Netflix. Even though there’s only been 1 episode I’m really into it. I really enjoyed the pilot episode, I think it has a lot of potential and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

It’s about a small town called Pretty Lake which has to cope with the sudden deaths of everyone over 22 years of age. They think some sort of disease is killing everyone. The trailer looks really good so I’m very excited for the next episodes.

I recommend watching this film if you’ve seen films like 28 days and weeks later. It’s quite similar. The characters in this are very mysterious, they all seem to have something to hide, especially the main girl, I’m dying to know who the father of her baby is.

One thing I am disappointed with is that it’s a Netflix show and they sometimes bring out all episode’s instantly like they do with Hemlock Grove and Daredevil but this one they’re bringing out a new episode each week so I can’t binge watch them and this show would have been great to binge watch. I already want to see the next episode.

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